When you have been living a life of normalcy, being hit by a condition that changed you drastically can be very daunting.

The first few years after I was diagnosed with NF2, it wasn’t so bad; I still can hear out of one hearing, led life pretty much like usual and didn’t have to adapt so much to big changes. I am thankful for that as it allowed me to spent at least the first ten years of education seamlessly.

Before getting married, I was pretty worried that I cannot be accepted as a disabled wife and doubly worried that I’m unable to be a good mother because of my disability. The 50/50 percent chance of passing down this gene to my child keep coming to haunt me.

But what did I know. Circumstances led me to where I am now. I got my husband to adapt to my 360 degrees transformation and we are blessed to have a kid even though I have not send him for any genetic test to determine if I had indeed pass the NF2 gene. I could only hope for the best.

My journey with NF2 has changed me further after I had my second brain surgery. I hadn’t expected it to be so energy-draining and a major life-changing event. Though I regained about 3-5% of hearing on my right ear, it’s still isn’t 100% and I still have to go through other challenges that develop over time. Like my wavering balance and my facial paralysis. On top of that, finding out that I have at least two spinal tumours which are of concern.

I almost gave up. Things are getting difficult for me to grasp. However, life goes on. As much as I want to give it all up, I’m still a mother. I have mummy duties to do. So I push myself to carry out my responsibilities despite all the challenges that I face. Perseverance and endurance is not easy to emulate. You will crumble at times but you need to get back up.

My family, my son and my friends is my anchor. And I’m very happy for the friendship and company I made with fellow NF2 comrades whose problems I can relate to. I’m not alone in this journey.

Of course it is a tough fight but I am facing it with an unfaltering demeanor.