Best Friend

We were childhood friends. We’ve known each other since Primary School. Nope, we weren’t the best of friends yet. We were just really close; “our family knows one another” kind.

We got closer in Secondary School; we would hung out after school, shared stories and talked on the phone sometimes. All these before I lost both my hearing. After we left Secondary School, we got even closer. Maybe because we only have each other as friends whom we’ve known the longest.

When I started losing my hearing, it was hard. I remembered meeting her after I got my first hearing aid and was really excited to be as normal as I could. There are times getting messages across to me got frustrating. I know even if she doesn’t say it. 😄

One time, she was looking for a job and I happened to see an opening for an Admin position in SADeaf where I learned Sign Language. So I asked her to try and she got the job. While working there, she was sent to learn Sign Language and I was glad that happened. That meant we can use Signing next time we met.

We had each other’s back most times, spent time doing mindless things as we grow up and even went for our pre-wedding course together. We got married in the same year. She was my personal pre-natal teacher when I was pregnant as she had given birth first 7 months prior.

She was the only friend besides my family friends that I told about my surgery last year. Despite having priorities to care for her kid and family and heavily pregnant with her 2nd, she made time to visit me at the hospital.

Last September when I had seizures, I found out that my husband had texted her to inform. I didn’t expect the seizures to happen, what more the initiative that my husband took to inform my very good friend. I didn’t get to meet her at that time though because I was unconscious but I managed to read all the messages when I got better. 🙂

We are unexpected besties; we have our differences but we always try to give support and be each other’s listening ear. Through texting of course because I cannot hear anymore. 😄 We rarely meet now because of priorities and my health issues but we try to remain steadfast in maintaining this friendship. I was ready to lose this friendship because of my disability but she never leaves. And that made me realised she was indeed a great friend. Not just that, she was also the one that influenced me to be better in strengthening my faith and made changes to be a better person in accordance to the faith we practice.

After my seizure episode, we both realised how short life can be and that we should cherish the time we spend together with our loved ones. ❤️