It was an online romance. When chatrooms were the trend, that was when I first got to know my husband. I was 15, he was 17. That was also the same year I had my first brain surgery. We never met until 2 years later.

When I ended Secondary School, I had joined the Nursing course at the ITE and first met him after my medical check-up which was a pre-requisite for my course. He was studying in the same ITE where I was going. We had a brief relationship; things didn’t work out and I quitted Nursing as I felt it wasn’t what I wanted.

The next year, I enrolled in Beauty Therapy at the same school and he was doing his final year. We had kept in contact and decided to rekindle our relationship. My course was a 1-year course so we graduated at about the same time.

All the while, I still have my good hearing to depend on and we were still able to hang on the phone like normal couples. When I started to lose my good hearing, I remembered going into “crying fests” over the phone with him and I would screamed “I tak dengar!” (“I can’t hear!”) a lot. But he stayed. I gave him a choice to leave since my condition can get unbearable. He stayed until he decided to make me his wife.

Marriage life was just like every other couple’s. We have our shares of squabbles and disagreements. We also have our silly jokes that we’d laugh over together. Since he took over the responsibility to take care of my well-being from my dad, he has to be the one attending medical appointments and check-ups with me.

My lacking has always make me feel insufficient for him and that he deserve better but I have to applaud him for trying to be a good husband all the time. And to be able to accept me the way I am.

I wasn’t the girl he met from the internet anymore but he proved time and again to be the best for me. During my 2nd brain surgery last year, he tried to make time to see me everyday except on the days he needed to work or did reservist. He was the first person I saw when I came around from my drowsy state post-surgery. We are blessed with a little boy who makes our lives complete.

I may never be the perfect wife for him but I hope our relationship will lasts a lifetime and beyond, together with our bundle of joy who’s not quite a baby anymore. True love does exist. 🙂