My name is Dawn and I wanted to share with you how chronic pain drove me to the edge. I will be sharing with you  the 4 year journey this is the first instalment.

In May 2013 when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant I slipped and did quite a number on myself, I sustained 11 injuries and became housebound for over 18 months.

I remember the day I lost the plot, I walked into the anti-natal clinic in a mixture of sobbing, whaling and screaming I was begging the doctors to allow me to have my child. A combination of not been able to sit, stand and lay for any period of time, led me to not having slept for 2 weeks.

The pain had become unbearable along with no sleep, I had finally broke. That day I was admitted for a C-section which was to take place in 3 days time on the 23rd August 2013. I was going to meet my little baby boy.

Oh the joy, I thought this it! I will get to sleep!! Two nights of sleep, the doctor orders. She prescribed sleeping tablets as she wanted me to rest and be as comfortable as possible prior the C-section.

Rest was not to be my fate…. I was placed in the anti-natal ward which was very noisy, of course, it was it was full of newborn babies crying and new mums learning how to breastfeed and settle. I thought its fine as long as I get a least 3-4 hours sleep I will be very happy.

Night time came and no one came, I was thinking hmm its 11 pm surely they would have brought a sleeping tablet by now. So, I went up to the desk and asked about the sleeping tablet. The nurse said, “Let’s have a look at your chart”. The nurse looked at the chart and then back at me with I’m sorry and puzzled look on her face. She said, “It’s gone the prescription has been scribbled out I don’t know what to say, unfortunately Dawn, I can’t give you anything let’s talk to the doctor tomorrow and see what we can do”.

Great I thought I could have been in my own bloody home at least it was quite there, so, I spent the entire night pacing the ward on my crutches. It was the only way I could ease the pain, as the little man was laid directly on my spinal cord and the pressure when I laid down was horrific, it took my breath away.

My first night in hospital let’s say I didn’t get much rest at all and certainly was not what I expected, in the next segment I will share the birth of my little boy.