I am eternally grateful to have retained my hearing for the first 10 years of education in my life. Although one of it started to show signs of deteriorating, I still managed to listen out of it. During my years in ITE, I only depended on one side of hearing.

I was blessed to continue my studies at the Polytechnic after graduating from Higher NITEC. But it didn’t last. At the beginning of Year 2, my right hearing got affected the same way my left was claimed by this condition. I had problems focussing and at the same time, I couldn’t adjust to Poly life so I made the decision to quit. Of course I was devastated. I wanted a diploma. That’s the least I can do, knowing my condition will not allow me to further my studies at a higher level.

My pursuit of hope didn’t stop. I decided to take up a private diploma course. At that time, the hearing aid I got was still quite useful. The admin and lecturers were informed about my condition. I had one of the best learning journeys there and was extremely happy that my classmates were very helpful and kind. So were the lecturers, even though I did find it hard sometimes to pay attention. The institution I went to was TMC Academy. At last, I made it. 🙂

I can only be a diploma holder but that is enough to give me a sense of achievement, academic-wise. I will always be thankful for all the lessons I had all through my academic years.