Hospitalization & Therapies

I moved to Thye Hua Kwan community hospital for further therapies. It was similar to the usual hospital stay but here, family members were always around. I had quite an eye-opener moments here but one thing I’m glad I learned is that family will always be the anchor for someone to stay grounded and the drive for someone to get back up from falls, figuratively.

Moving on to my therapies, I met a few therapists who helped me get back on my feet. In the morning, I’d have my occupational therapy and in the afternoon I’d do some physio therapy. It’s a daily affair except on weekends; so much like school! 😄

My occupational therapy activities include doing household chores like folding clothes, playing games and cooking. They also helped me to regain my ability to do things from assisted to unassisted.

Physiotherapy sessions were tiring but they helped a lot on strengthening my physical mobility. My walking is not the same as how it was prior to surgery therefore I need to be careful with my steps and walk at a slower pace.

I met with nutritionists too to help me regain my ability to eat. Eating is a luxury I cannot do without and was very happy when I finally progressed to a solid diet. 🙂
It was 4 weeks of intense recharging for me. Over the weekends, I get to spend time with my family and friends who contributed to my positive progression as well. I always looked forward to evenings and weekends for some family time and to see my son. ☺️

Everyone was dedicated in doing their jobs and had helped me a great deal to get back in a good form. I may not be the same as before physically but I still am able to get around with whatever strength that remains. And I have the whole team of experts to thank. 👍🏼