Because the dreams are always hard to reach and reality still kicks you at the back of the head. Knowing that, I still want to believe in chasing after my dreams.

I met my husband 2 years ago. He proposed to me 3.5 months after knowing each other. We decided to get married that same year. Less than half a year after our wedding, I was pregnant with my first child. Oh, before that, we were already searching for a new house. So, this is where the crazy part comes in. Prior to my delivery, we have gotten the keys to our new house and we had to prepare for the renovation. My baby was born in January this year. Supposedly it has to be somewhat like a blessing. To have a baby and a house at the same time and married the perfect guy. Truly I am grateful but little did i know that being a new mother was really driving my life insane.

Firstly, i had some complications during delivery and that itself cost us a good $30K in total for the whole pregnancy (but also because i went to a private hospital). I had to deal with my confinement at the same time to check over the new house during the renovation. After all the renovation was done, we had to buy the furnitures one by one to fill up the empty house. Apart from that, I was about to quit my corporate job because of some situation that i bargained with myself to already stayed there for 6 years and it was really time for me to go.  I thought leaving was easy but i had to go through some hiccups and did not received the salary that i was supposed to be getting upon my released. Then it all started to get really stressful. Definitely this is not wise to quit my job at a very bad timing but the intention to leave was 3 years ago and i thought if i still stay on, i would just go crazy or depress. These all happened too fast. One day i was an independent career-minded project manager and the next day i am a married woman with a child and jobless.

I sat crying by myself one night after my baby fell asleep, thinking am i the worst mother ever? Am i being so selfish to only think for myself? Am I just leaving my husband alone too to handle everything else? So i decided that i should do something. Something that could also distract me being a stay home mum for the first time and also something that could help me rise back on my feet. The reality is this year is really crappy. No job, new baby, new house, just got married. The passion however, my passion…is waiting to begin for real.

I suddenly felt passionate to do something in life that i really believe in so much. I started by helping some few friends and then i experimented it on myself too. It boosted me with so much energy that i decided i want to help others too. I started teaching Pilates. I started a simple instagram account for Pilates_With_Yasmin only a couple months back. I was a client myself 3 years ago. Then, I took a certification for the Mat and Reformer last year. I had no idea why i even took the course for. Maybe i was just bored and wanted to plant my time somewhere. I didn’t realise that i began to be quite focused at it. I upgraded myself with new set of skills and attended more workshops and courses and always hungry to find answers from good teachers and trainers. I find the fitness exercise interesting and started on freelancing since a year and a half. It felt really good after every session i had with a client. It gave me a sense of achievement much better than when i was a project manager back then. This too happened in the shortest time. But looking back the crazy 2 years, i have never felt more happy than now. It took me a long time to had the decision of leaving my corporate job for a new industry. It took me months to juggle my time as a new mum and to start on my passion. In this journey, i have learned that women are really STRONG. Physically, we are strong that we are able to handle our babies and the chores even when we are ill and tired. Mentally, we are strong if we set our minds to do anything. Inhale positivity, exhale negativity. It will take us to where we want.

It has been many months of spirit-fighting and I hope my passion will inspire many women out there in many other ways and that we should not give up even if circumstances are pushing us to the corner. I believe if there is a will, there is always a way. “Failure might be an option, but giving up is not.” – Muniba Mazari