There’s nothing more destructive than negative whispers and thoughts when we are going through bad chapters in life. That’s why there is depression and suicides. It’s when we are feeling down and we let the brunt of it engulf our minds.

I have no specific way or tactic to overcome anxiety and depression because I am only human. I am not super. The initial stages saw me feeling sad all the time. My family always try to help but sometimes, their ways put me in a very vulnerable position, where I feel they are trying too hard to have me cured. It makes me feel bad. I relented to their efforts as I do want to be healed myself.

With increasing difficulties and a drastic transformation, I keep having meltdowns and I almost give up on many occasions. Negative whispers would creep up on me and my emotions would be swayed. It’s hard to stay grounded and keep being calm when your body is feeling exhausted from all the pain, judgments and ignorance. On top of that, you still have to perform your duties as a mother and so on. I am blessed with extra pair of hands to help me with my son but there are days I’d wish this is all just a nasty nightmare.

Things can cause stresses but at the end of the day, I have the last say. It all depends on me; my reaction to this ordeal. Battling my inner demons that are always trying to pull me down is hard. The only way for me to overcome the negativity is by crying it all out. I’d emerge stronger from each storm. The cycle will repeat but I shall not entirely give up. ☺️