First Real Job

It might have taken a while for SG Enable to find me this job. But it gave me a great experience.

The company had just begin a trial to give Persons with Disability a chance to work there. Apparently, I was the first PWD. It was an Administration Assistant post; my first office job. The plans my manager had made for me were carried out seamlessly and executed smoothly. I was assigned a buddy to teach me the ropes and introduced to the people I would be assisting. I was warmly welcomed and I fit in quite quickly albeit my disability.

I did mostly scanning and photocopying jobs and updating files in the computer drives. Each time I learned something new, I felt a sense of satisfaction. It was fulfilling. My manager was kind and understanding. My colleagues were helpful and accommodating. I was encouraged to voice out suggestions when need be and had sessions where my problems were addressed. Interaction was done via Skype which I find very useful for my condition. I might not be on a “buddy-buddy” level with my colleagues but I was happy with my job. When I needed help, there will always be someone who was willng to do so.

Though my tasks might have been too easy, they were a good start for me to build on my non-existent experience. My manager had planned to add on more tasks for me to get more exposure. However, considering the health issues that will probably cause me a lot of problems after the surgery, I made the decision to resign before I went for my surgery last year. It had been a very hard decision to make as I was starting to feel comfortable there and saw benefits as well as potential.

I managed to acquire two years of experience working there and lots of great lessons. I had hoped to be able to do more but circumstances did not allow me to.

Nevertheless, I have to give credit to the company for trying to be inclusive. I hope they are able to work around the challenges that could come up when working with the less privileged because the only disability anyone can have is a bad attitude. 😉