Temporary Jobs

Struggles and hard work; these are what made up my job-hunting period. After my diploma, I spent quite a long time in search for a job. I sent numerous resumes online and went to job agencies for the disabled to try my luck.

The now-defunct Bizlink was my first job agency for the disabled. From there, and considering my hearing-impairment, I was mostly given the opportunity to do temporary jobs which are paid hourly. It was a low-paying job but I was desperate for a job experience.

Prior to my total hearing loss, I had worked in retail lines which I loved so much but too bad, I can no longer do retail work as it needs lots of interaction with customers. I remembered getting misunderstood because one customer had tried to get my attention from behind me at my left side but I didn’t respond because I didn’t hear her. I was super flustered and embarassed. At that time I only had my right hearing to depend on.

The first temp post I got from Bizlink was a temporary packer for an IT company. I was tasked to pack ink cartridges, if I remember correctly. Everyone else was middle-aged except for me. I was the only one in my early twenties. On my first day, I was quite shy to interact with others and had kept a distant. But as time went by, they warmed up to me and taught me what to do so I was motivated to do my job well.

I found joy to work in the stipulated period from the bus rides to and fro. Happy to start work, happy to finish. 🙂

A while after this temp job, I was introduced to work full-time at the warehouse of Sinma. I was told I would be managing the merchandising part of the company in retail stores and that the first few weeks would be spent on packaging of products. I didn’t hate the job but my heart wasn’t into it and I was very unhappy. The people there were warm but not really approachable. I resigned after a mere 10 days and took the decision to work part-time at a candy store called ‘90s The Candy Studio which hired hearing-impaired staff to man the store. It was a social enterprise and is no longer around now.

I had so much fun and loved working there; I spent two years until I registered with SG Enable in search of a full-time job. I went to register with a deaf friend of mine who landed a job first with SG Enable. At first, I was despair because there’s no suitable job for me. It took a while for my agent to find me one but the outcome was truly fulfilling. 😊