Working Mum

I went back to work once my ML ended. I loved the fact that I could assist in the household needs financially. It also meant that I had lesser time with my then infant son which cannot be replaced by splurging on his stuff.

Working; while it’s a great opportunity, it also made me very exhausted. When I reached home, it’d be by 7pm and I only had a few hours to spend with my son before I retired to bed. I couldn’t handle him when he needed feeds at night and that really made me feel miles away from my son. It’s a struggle I always feel guilty about.

My mum had left her job to help me care for my son. Though it was a solution to my problem, I’d always feel like I imposed a lot on her. I had thoughts of quitting my job but couldn’t find a good enough reason except to be there for my son. After all, it had been a golden opportunity to land a job considering my condition. Everyday was a constant challenge for me.

Last year I got my reason to leave. I needed to go for surgery. Knowing what the impending side effects of surgery could cause, I decided to take the plunge and resigned after discussing it with my husband.

I couldn’t have made a better decision as it gives me the satisfaction I yearn as a MWD – Mum with Disability. 😉 My mum still is the main carer of my son but I feel great that I can partake in his life much more despite the complications that I developed.

When there’s a will, there is a way. No matter how rough the road is. ☺️