Overcoming Challenges

To have a disorder and be a mum is hard. Nothing comes easy when you’re still trying to be okay with increasing health complication AND trying to be a good mum as best as you can.

Every mother has their own set of challenges and their own mummy woes that they need to overcome every day. I read stories that inspire me to strive on. If one Mummy can do a lot for more than a kid, what’s stopping me from doing the most I can for just one little boy?

Of course we cannot compare a person’s hardship to another’s because every hardship is different for each individual. We have our own characterized strengths and weaknesses and we don’t go through the exact same things despite having similar experiences.

I learned so much after this diagnosis but the most prominent one is to always stay humble. My level of endurance and perseverance might have increased a notch but I am only human; I have my bad days. I’m humbled enough to realize I cannot have it all going the way I want and I need to work around things that I can no longer do. There will always be ways but it’s up to each individual if they’re willing to do it.

I didn’t know how to be a mother in the earlier months. With my condition, I try to improve every chance I get. It’s hard not being able to care for my son the way an able-bodied mum can. I took some time to tell myself that “It’s okay.” I don’t want to look like I am misusing all the help that I get from my family to care for my precious son therefore I push myself to get things done for him when I can. Like preparing his meals, change his soiled diapers, do learning activities with him and entertain him watching kiddy videos.

Being a mum is extremely hard work for me. Every mum has her own constraints and worries. Simple thing like carrying my child can be a very tedious task for me as I’m losing strength to my balance issue. I have accidentally slipped him off my hands on maybe, two occassions, but I was lucky his falls were cushioned. I have tons of mummy guilts. 😰

NF2 might be a hindrance for me but I accepted this challenge to bring out the best in me. I’m not the best example of perseverance but I hope my story will serve as an inspiration to whoever it reaches. ☺️