Trying to keep up with a new habit is indeed a very difficult proess. But practice makes perfect, they say. Resilience, perseverance and endurance is the triple combo that needs ultimate willpower for us to withstand and emulate.

In order to keep practicing these three traits, one should always try to be steadfast. When I first started to get used to changes and be ready for more, I always go through half-hearted situations. I could be resilient at one moment but couldn’t endure the next time I’m feeling pained by the aches NF2 brings.

I know the impending consequences and yet I let it consume me instead of fighting it. That’s when I realised I need to be firm on myself and try as hard as I can to get back up, push on and be patient. That said, I need to ensure I keep it that way; be steadfast in my quest to be stronger in facing adversities.

It’s terribly difficult; I’d still cry at the slightest but I refuse to wallow in sadness. My words might sound otherwise but whenever I speak about my condition, I speak from my heart; true and raw.

There will be things that will cause me to be disheartened but deep within, I’m determined to keep being steadfast. 🙂