We can persevere through hardships but endurance takes another level of willpower.

In addition to trying to ignore ignorance (the irony 😑), I also feel sickly all the time. Before my 2nd brain surgery, I had frequent headaches and Panadol was my go-to drug. This caused me to feel inefficient and moody. My level of endurance was very low. I had to pop the pill or stop doing whatever I was doing.

Thankfully, the headaches lessen post-op. I’m going through a new set of complications right now. My follow-up review showed a new development which needs immediate attention. Who knows? Now, the tumours on my spine are causing increased back pain.

I walk with difficulty and will feel extremely exhausted at the end of the day. When the tingling sensation started to happen on a frequent basis, at shorter intervals, I just know something must be off.

I was advised to undergo surgery in the near future to prevent the symptoms from worsening and causing further difficulties. It’s a few days to New Year and it’s definitely not something I want to know. It feels like I was just recovering from last year’s surgery! What a roller coaster ride!

I have no choice but to accept this news, in my best possible manner. I endured before this; I would be able to endure something of a similar magnitude. Pain and complication is evident for NF2 patients therefore it’s with a lot of effort that I have to tell myself “Just go with the flow!”.

Push on, come what may.