As we go about our daily lives, we met plenty of people, became friends and create memories together.

Friends come and go. It’s all fun and merry when everybody was on the same page. But how many can stay with you throughout your highs and lows?

When my deafness became more apparent, I found it to be a hindrance. I also noticed how people react differently around me. I could understand how my deafness was something they had a hard time adjusting to. I had been a hearing person with them therefore my drastic change was difficult to get used to.

I had loads of people, close and distant as well as strangers who gave me the “nervermind” whenever I asked to repeat. A family member ever said that, “If it’s not important, there’s no need to repeat.” Ohhh…okayyyyy. It was an “Ouch” moment, but I understand the frustration of having to keep repeating what you said. I hadn’t mind because that statement came from a family and since then, I gave people the choice to write or type what they want to say to me. Otherwise, I’ll just shut off.

The interactions with others turned into awkward silence with me around and most ended up being kinda forced. I was miles away when right in front of me, everyone was talking back and forth. I wouldn’t urge someone to tell me what’s going on because well, it’s just some mindless chatter that’s not worth repeating.

Over the years, I got used to it but I know it would be better without me. However, I received a very pleasant surprise when I realized there are those who don’t mind having to write or repeat for me. Although they don’t come in a large number, they worth a million bucks, equivalent.

Of course, my immediate family have to get used to a deaf me. They have been adjusting well and is now more accepting towards my changes. Their determination to help me up and help me out is not comparable to any other thing. Their love is the most genuine; from being there for me and adapting to my transition.

Now, I prefer to surround myself with my family and the few friends who are gems in my rocky path, sent to uplift me, motivate me and cheer me on, even when they are going through hard times themselves. Support is vital in overcoming challenges.

Stick to your truest tribe, the ones who love and care for you genuinely for they are your anchor to keep you afloat during your stormy period. Even if you can’t find any, the right ones will stay for who you are. 💖