NF2 symptoms and complications deteriorate gradually therefore it may take years for tumours to grow. An increase in symptoms usually indicates growth of the tumour size.

Since my first symptom, it took 3 years for the tumour on my auditory nerve to grow and required surgery. That was in 2004. In 2014, another tumour got bigger. That was a long 10 years. As I’ve written before, I did not immediately got it removed and only did so after another 2 years when it could no longer be put off.

It’s a constant “surgery-after-surgery” depending on what the tumours are causing. For me, it’s like falling down again and again. But each time, though badly bruised, I need to get back up.

And that is when I learned resilience. I have not mastered resilience. However, I have acquired it within my heart and soul.
Every time an unpleasant news breaks out, I learned to take it in, in a calm manner, although only God knows the 100 and 1 things that run through my mind.

Resilence is falling countless times but picking yourself back up twice as much.

With resilience, there needs to be perseverance. The “never give up” attitude despite challenges. It is a very difficult thing to do. On top of the health complications, we also need to counter critisms and baseless assumptions from the community; sometimes, even our own family. Not mentioning, our own emotions. How all these is causing us an emotional breakdown. It’s always a long time for us to digest things and come to terms with what happened.

Success is when we are able to keep persevering through calamities and learned how to stand back up. To develop a strong demeanor and avoid letting our emotions get the better of us. I am sure not very successful at that. I’m trying.

Persevere and everything will be easier as time goes by. 🙂