Having thoughts like “I cannot do this,” or “How can I do this being deaf?” always led me to being miserable and sad. At first, it was a lot of negative episodes and I’d feel like it’s the end.

I mustered enough confidence and build back my self-worth only after some years later when I realized that I cannot stay put with my wounded self. I have to get back up, clean my wounds and let it heal. When people say you can’t, the more you have to proof that you can.

I wanted to do just that. Working-wise, yes, I probably lack the experience. But I am fortunate to have a “pre-deaf opportunity”. I do have an experience in doing retail jobs before my hearing loss got the better of me although it is not related to what I studied. When I was looking for a job as a wholly deaf person, I tried to accept whatever jobs available as long as they are legit and proper.

All through the difficult times, I kept telling myself that I have to move forward; “accept and adapt” became my motto. People can throw me condescending looks or opinions but despite my timid behaviour and feeling discouraged, I picked up my broken pieces and looked at the positivite side of things.

I am blessed to have a strong circle of support that gives me motivation which changed my mindset of “I can’t” to “I can”. If there’s really no way I can do something, I shall pass it or work around it.

Circumstances may pull you down; you’ll go through those depressing phases. You may take time to heal but let those tears and broken heart be your strength in the future as you mend the broken pieces and recharged with determination. You don’t have to proof your worth to others. You just have to proof it to yourself. ❤️