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Life was like a rollercoaster and it started as from a very young age.

I was born in Australia but my parents came out on the 10 pound deal from the UK. I was born  in the wheatbelt farming area of WA.

After being there for 3 years, my mother found country living too harsh, so we went to live in the UK and my mother and father separated from each other.

I then grew up with an alcoholic paedophile stepfather who started on me from the age of 5. This taught me to be strong, to survive, to be a victim, to hide and to understand the darkness and the pain that is associated with that.

It was quite a dark time with lots of self hate, loathing and disconnection and disassociation from myself. I fought the process all along the way, going out of my way to make life hard for him, as I was never going to let him see me cry or broken.

When I was 15 I was out of there, I told my mother I was leaving and we did. here I fell into the world of drugs and alcohol, it just seemed like a natural progression. With that came abusive relationships, after all, what other role model had I had?

By the time I was 18 I would work hard and long hours so I was able to travel. I spent up to the next 8 years, working and travelling, Europe, Asia, India, lived in Thailand for 2 years, supposedly fining myself. No so sure I was, as there was a lot of drugs on this finding me trail.

So after travelling I decided to come back to Australia and to study. It was here that I started to feel at home.

I studied Naturopathy, Remedial Therapies and Herbal Medicine and continued to study and teach in the natural health industry for the next 15 years.

I taught many things over 25 years, workshops, classes, seminars and loved it, I was passionate about it and my students loved my classes.
I settled in the Bush in WA, where I had a 175 acre farm, had 3 kids, got married to a man with 2 kids and supposedly lived happily ever after.

I was teaching in Perth city, running a certified Bio-dynamic farm growing broad acre crops, herbs and vegetables.

Living off the grid, with 5 kids, growing our own food, no electricity, no running water. It was great.
A time to consolidate and connect with mother nature.

During this time I started working in retreats and became a raw food chef, upon chance. I decided I liked making healthy food, especially when I was growing it myself.

I also became involved with a life transformational seminar group in WA, that changed my life and I gave up my pot smoking addiction and taking recreational drugs and even cigarette smoking followed suit.

I became stale with teaching herbs and nutrition at the same places for so long. My husband and I had built a house, though not a home and decided to sell the farm and leave WA.

We packed up a troupie and travelled Australia with the 2 youngest boys. After 12 months, we decided to settle in Tootgarook and then Rye. I had been to Rosebud a few times and after the harsh growing conditions and heat of the WA bush, Rosebud seems refreshing. It felt good and people seemed to like living here.

Here I had visions of a shop, a healthy wholefood shop and Raw on Rye was born. The shop was open for 3 years, whilst I was teaching nutrition in Melbourne at the same time. My marriage started to drift and divide more and then after a permanent separation I discovered I was a single mum, with three children running a business 7 days a week, with lots of stress and was left with debt. Time for a change.

As soon as I decided to close the shop, my team came together for the Vitae Amor Seminars. It just all flowed together and I knew that the timing was right. I had wanted to facilitate these seminars for a long time, as it was the most powerful and connecting work I had ever done in my life.

Now I love the work I do. The ripple effect is amazing, a son doing the seminar and a week later, the alcoholic father who has been drinking all his life, stops drinking. People who are labelled bi-polar and are on 9 lots of medication are now healthy, reunited with their children and off all meds, families that have been in disputes for over 9 years are sitting again at the dinner table, sharing and laughing. And finally we have had 4 ice addicts in and none of them have returned to their old lifestyle, all four are working and getting back on track.

This work we do is a group process, that is full of exercises and processes that help guide people to where they will get most leverage for change in their lives. We look at core pattern’s beliefs and behaviours and then we guide you to release the energy that keeps us locked into these patterns.

We do not do the work, we facilitate others through their change process.

It is up to the participants to do the work. Anyone and everyone benefits, one thing they must have in common is the desire to change their life and to be fed up of feeling like they do.

This work is so fulfilling and we are growing a connected and present community, that cares, has values, ethics and morals. The planet needs more of these people.

What this story has taught me is that out of the darkness comes the light. I now know the experience of unconditional love, I have felt it flowing through me and it is this that I was to share with others.

from the darkness I can now appreciate the light.