Being a parent is challenging. Being a parent with a disability is doubly challenging. Initially, I did see my disability as a hindrance to all sorts of parenting duties but as I move along, I picked up new knowledge and adjust accordingly. I am not disabled; I am able as far as I can push myself.

There are days I’d be less motivated or I feel disheartened but that’s where resilence came in. Sometimes not because I want to but because I need to. I can’t afford to stay stagnant ‘cos there are so much to do as a mother.

I am a two-year-old mother with NF2, a genetic condition which caused me to lose my hearing, affected my central nervous system and have the potential to cause more impending health issues. But life goes on, priorities keep piling up and the kid grows everyday. I need too. Grow through these phases and adapt as I go.

My toddler is now a very active child and very adamant. He’s at the age where his curiousity keeps increasing and he understands more things. As a stay-at-home mother, I try my very best to be engaging during his playtime and be involved in his discovery of letters, words and numbers and animals so on and so forth.

However, he is a granny’s boy. There’s a bond between a grandchild and his grandparents that cannot be separated, as most of us would agree. Most of the times, he likes to be handled by his grandmother or grandfather, whoever’s available and whoever will give in to his whims. I do give in a lot when the grandparents are around because well, I appreciate their bond and after all, that bond won’t stay for long. Let them spend time together as long as they are still able to do so. A close-knit family is one of the things I cherish. If there’s something in their way of handling my kid that clashes with mine, I would voice it out but most times, I’d let the matter rest.

That said, when my kid is out with my husband and I, without the grandparents, his well-being is solely our reponsibility. Therefore, he won’t really have his ways with us. For example, he knows he has no other choice than to stick to us wherever we go because he’s quite wary of unfamiliar faces and would steer away from them. He won’t really whine his way to get what he wants with me though he might get it instantly with his father though. Guess I would spoil him sometimes but I try not to do it often. ✌🏼

Disabled or not, I think I’m pretty much like the average mother. The only difference is how I handle my kid’s whims. I couldn’t hear his cries very well but I sure do observe his actions like a hawk. I get defiant behaviour from him too. I doubt he knows I’m unable to hear him well now but in time, he will and I can only imagine what his next move will be.

‘Til then, I am an advocate of “going with the flow”. Whatever works in our best interest. Gambatte! 😉💪🏼