During my pregnancy period, I often looked up Youtube videos on how to use sign language with babies and Google-d articles of the same title. I was worried indeed if I can establish a bond with my kid. Technically, I knew there was already a bond since he was in me. 😅

My thought was that he would be a “signing kid”; a kid who picks up sign language since childhood. But I am not a frequent sign language user and I rarely sign except for fingerspelling which is to sign alphabets to form words. Of course, my intention did not materialize. As he grows up in a family that talks verbally, his attention span when I was trying to sign didn’t quite last for long.

Therefore, I changed my strategy and speak to him as per normal. I’d observe his response and will try to lip-read him. My son is the only person I’m able to lip-read, per se. Most times, I’m amazed that he understands me and would give me answers that I can understand too. I don’t know, maybe this is what you called “mother’s instincts”. I just know what he’s trying to say by looking at his body language or sometimes I would make guesses and he would affirm it by nodding at the right guess. 😊 From there, I believe that we are able to build mutual understanding through patience and perseverance. It’s not too scary or worrying as I thought it would be.

Being a mother who cannot hear is a challenge for me but with that challenge, I became determined. Some things cannot be prepared beforehand as much as we really want to be ready for it. As the saying goes, “worry only when it happens!”. The bottomline is, we learn as we experience. And that experience will increase us in knowledge and help us through adversities. Sometimes we’d fail but failures are evidence that we try.

Never stop trying! 🤗