I never doubt the power of online support, now with the rapid use of social media. When I learned I was going to be mother, I was plagued with intense worry. I tried preparing the things I thought I need to help me care for the baby. That included getting a set of baby monitors that vibrated when the baby cry but in real time, I never use it at all. 😄

When the baby finally came, I got used to things and if there was any doubt I’d like to clear, I would ask my best friend who is a mother herself, or I’d ask on FB. With the increasing use of FB pages for various community, I find that it could be a tremendous help, especially for first-time parents like myself and hubby.

I also joined FB pages relating to NF2 and would sometimes post my worries I have as a mother on the page. There are many NF2 patients who are fellow mothers too and that itself, is a relief.

These existing pages are, in my opinion, very useful in times of need. To be honest, there will be a few judgmental members who don’t see an issue with our problems but there are those who are going through the exact same problems as us. I’d say, we just have to focus on the good and filter the bad. 😉

The moment I feel like a bad parent, I’d come across posts on these pages that attest to my feelings. I am never alone in this parenthood journey, with NF2 or not. There are mothers out there who go through similar journey. That’s how helpful online support is. 😊