Post-surgery Complication

I hadn’t expected to be immobile to the extent of couldn’t stand up on my own. It was freaky. I needed support to stand up, what more to move myself from the bed to the armchair just inches away.

First few days of physio at TTSH were hard because I still had the tubes attached to my head so I couldn’t move around freely and had to be very careful. My strength was incredibly reduced; I couldn’t write properly or button my shirt without taking a long time.

I made progresses though. I progressed from a liquid diet to a soft diet where my food were mostly porridge and purees. Once the tubes on my head were removed, I began to do more physical assessment and learn how to walk, again. It’s as if I was reborn. I walked using walking assistance; either with a walking frame or cane. The motivation that came from the physiotherapists and nurses was commendable and encouraging. They had no qualms about writing to me too because of my hearing impairment, which I find very heart-warming. ❤️

It was progress that I aimed for and progress it was that I attained. I managed to walk unassisted after some time although my balance was and still is not very good. It changed, a lot.

I expected to be able to go home soon but that didn’t happen. I was told I would be moved to a community hospital for more physio sessions. My heart sank but I was determined to push myself until the finishing line. I moved to Thye Hua Kwan AKA Ang Mo Kio Hospital, near my home. There, I received more encouragement and motivation.

On my last day in TTSH, it was emotional. I felt all kinds of gratitude to the staff who took great care of me and relief at the same time. A new phase at THK ensued. ☺️