I’m probably one of the happiest persons you can ever hope to meet. I’m healthy. I’m living my dream. I’ve found my life’s purpose and I’m living it out.

I’m so grateful to be alive.

But you’d probably be surprised if I told that I was once 100 pounds overweight, sick, and depressed. If you traveled back in time, say six years ago, you wouldn’t recognize the person that I was back then.

My Old Self

I used to be in the retail industry. After graduating with a degree in Health Science, I found a job in one of the top retail companies in Canada. I started as a cashier, but I climbed my way up the corporate ladder. I became an executive vice president by the time I was 34 years old.

You’d probably think that I felt accomplished and fulfilled. After all, I had a fancy job title and a huge paycheck.

But I was miserable.

I was 100 pounds overweight. I fell under the spell of emotional eating when I was 11 years old and I continued to turn to food for comfort until I was in my mid-30s. I had myself checked. When the tests came back, the doctor told me that I had pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. I was also suffering from a skin condition.

I also struggled with an anxiety and had to deal with panic attacks which seriously affected my work. My mood swung like a pendulum, but sadness was my default emotional state. I barely smiled.

My Wakeup Call

My journey towards better health began one fateful day. I was supposed to deliver a speech to my co-workers when I suddenly found myself short of breath and unable to talk. I thought I was having a heart attack and so did the people around me. Somebody called an ambulance and, before I knew it, I landed in the emergency room of a hospital.

Fortunately, the tests showed that my heart was in perfect condition. But the doctors told me I had a panic attack. They referred me to a physician who determined that I needed to take anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants.

This incident shook me to the core and made me realize that I needed to take better care of myself.

Losing 100 Pounds

At that time, I had a limited understanding of what good health really means. I figured that if I changed my diet and established an exercise routine, I’d lose weight. I also thought that losing weight would make me healthier and happier.

And so I did what I had to do. I changed my diet and my eating habits. I kept a strict exercise regimen. Everything I did paid off — I shed 100 pounds! I felt good about myself. I was also proud of what I had achieved. I thought I had everything that I needed to be happy.

But I was wrong.

My Moment of Clarity

I was sitting in my corner office when I was rudely struck by the realization that I was still unhappy despite losing weight.

A little voice inside my head kept nagging with questions like: Is this really what you want to do for the rest of your life? Is that how you really want to feel?

I realized that human beings are so much more than their physical body. I also learned from the books I read and from the people I spoke with that my health depends on more than just the food I ate or the exercises that I was doing.

The Relationship Between the Mind and the Body

Perhaps one of the most important discoveries that I had in my personal transformation journey is the connection between the mind and the body. This discovery compelled me to undergo mental therapies and mind-body healing sessions. I studied meditation, mindfulness, and reiki. I become so interested in this subject that I’ve lost count of the numerous books I read about it.

The first book I read about this topic is also the most unforgettable one for me—The Anatomy of the Spirit by Dr. Caroline Myss. It explains the mind-body connection in a scientific way, but it also includes some nuggets of wisdom from ancient religious traditions. This book blew me away. From it, I got some eye-opening insights on why I was unhappy. It also helped me find the areas in my life that needed improvement.

On the Road to Freedom and Joy

As I began to explore the mind-body connection, I realized that I was no longer happy with what I was doing. I couldn’t keep working in the retail industry any longer. All the perks and the prestige that came along with my job didn’t matter to me anymore.

So I took a chance and resigned from my job. I gave myself a three-month vacation, rented my dream car (a Mustang convertible), and went to California. I traveled through the west coast and went from one end of the country to the other end of the trail. I also visited the Southern Rockies. It was a welcome break from my hectic life and I felt wonderful!

Back to School

My insatiable thirst for knowledge and my desire to help women like me were the reasons behind my decision to go back to school. It was probably one of the difficult decisions I’ve ever made. Believe me, losing a hundred pounds pales in comparison to it. But I didn’t allow anything to stop me from learning as much as I can. When I returned to Canada, I enrolled in the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, a school that embraces alternative healthcare. I graduated with a degree in holistic nutrition and continued my pursuit of learning by attending workshops, retreats, and classes.

Becoming a Nutritionist

Since then, I’ve used everything I’ve learned to help women heal themselves. During the early part of my career as a nutritionist, I was more focused on nutrition and movement. However, as the months progressed, I began to realize the importance of the mind-body connection and the huge impact that thoughts and environment have on my patients’ health.

I refined my practice and started teaching my patients that health is happiness. I helped them realize that establishing a stronger connection between the mind and body is essential to achieving better health and greater happiness. I also began teaching them about the importance of listening to body messages.

Where I am Today

All my experiences, good and bad, shaped my thinking and made me wiser. These experiences also led me to where I am today. If I didn’t have that panic attack on stage, my self-transformation wouldn’t have happened. Maybe I would still be the way I was back then — sick and miserable with the job I had.

But the best thing that has ever happened as a result of my experiences is that I’ve had the opportunity to touch women’s lives. I’ve helped thousands of them with their own transformation journey. Right now, I couldn’t be happier.

The road to personal transformation may be long and paved with challenges. But the whole journey is well worth it, especially when you look back and see what you have achieved. I hope that my story will inspire you to take the first step towards better health and greater happiness.

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