To Be or Not To Be

I was just another ambitious teenager who had planned the future. I didn’t do well for my ‘O’s so I had a choice to retake or go to ITE. I did not have any interest on any course at first therefore I made a hasty decision to join Nursing because well, everyone takes Nursing as the last resort. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I love the theories but had problems with practical where I wasn’t being a people-person and found it to be “not my calling”. At this point, I was still a rebellious teen who took things for granted. I know my parents won’t stop me from quitting so I quit amidst my attachment period.

I took a while to decide what I want to do and took up Beauty Therapy course the next year. I’m still left with one side of hearing so I thought I could still pursue my studies. I did complete my course, attachment and all, and was able to do Higher NITEC in Business Administration. My theory was that I would be able to work in spa or beauty centres, in the Admin department with my qualifications.

I managed to finish my 2 years of H.NITEC too and did qualify to get a place in Poly. I decided to take up Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism, something to complement my existent certificates, I thought. I did not do quite well in Poly though and the system was not to my liking. I felt like a slacker in Poly. During my supposedly second year, my only good hearing got affected. I couldn’t focus on my studies and got very stressed out because I needed to retake a subject which I flunged. So I put an end to my Poly life. I am not quitter even when I seemed like it.

I yearned for a Diploma therefore I searched for a private school that was willing to take me in as a deaf student. I found the right place near my home and was really happy with the curriculum, company I made and the outcome. The hearing aid I got was helping at that time.

My plans to work in the Beauty line or the Administrative department weren’t meant to be. But I achieved my goal to at least get a Diploma. I learned so much about not giving up, trying my best and to push on despite tribulations.

Of course, to get a proper job was very difficult but I got my chance at retailing before I totally lost my hearing and did retail work one more time after losing both hearing at the social enterprise store.

Some things planned ahead did not go the way I visialize it but other opportunities appeared, which, either way, I am immensely thankful for.

It’s not all stormy; some days I can see a rainbow. 🌈