As time went by and I got more used to the changing circumstances, I had no choice but to build up confidence to sustain me through the tough times. I had to gather strength in my weakest moments.

I was quite disappointed that I couldn’t utilize my qualifications to get a proper job, always felt redundant when I couldn’t help out more during events because it’s hard being a hearing-impaired and the list goes on.

The beginning was difficult but eventually, I managed. I kept sending in resumés to apply for jobs, registered with job agencies for the disabled, lent a helping hand when asked and did the best I could.

I realized that I cannot just sit around moping. I had to get up and get things done and, nursing my wounds at the same time. Rejections kept coming and I would feel under-appreciated but I pacified myself. I learned to accept rejections and keep trying.

If I didn’t have this condition and its complications, I wouldn’t have been so grateful for the little things. I wouldn’t even try to challenge myself to do something I dislike. I took up a low-paying job just for “something to do” because circumstances forced me to. As for helping others, I did it because I know what it feels like asking for help but got turned down.

When you’re pushed to a corner, you have no choice but to do whatever that will keep you going. ☺️🤞🏼💜