Well, I love writing. But never have I thought writing or reading sentences in wriiten form would be a huge chunk of my life in the future.

Trying to “read” what a person says is a skill not many can master without the sense of hearing. I observe that all of us talks different, some with their mouth open while some speak without moving their mouth too much. Only their voices. Unfortunately, people who speak that way have a hard time being understood by me. To add on, a person who speaks fast will lose my attention straightaway.

At first, I had a difficult asking others to write what they wanna say to me because I do not want to trouble anyone. I always feel it’s unfair for me to use my voice to speak (‘cos I can!) but my correspondent would need to write their replies/messages. Conversations got increasingly tedious and sometimes, annoying to both myself and anyone who speaks to me.

During my hospital stay, I had problems communicating with doctors and nurses therefore my family and I would persuade them to write on paper or in the notebook that I brought along. It’s the only way for me to independently liase with hospital staff when my family was not around. There are still a few who wouldn’t write though. The second last time I was admitted, my friend who has NF2 like me and profound deafness paid a visit and suggested I get a writing board for easy liasing. The writing board comes with a delete button so we are able to write as many times as we want without wasting paper. 😁

That’s when I finally got one. I don’t use it regularly though but I try to bring it with me wherever I go and have it on standby in case I need it. It works best when I need to stay in the hospital as it closes the communication barrier between hard-of-hearing patients and hospital staff. One thing I observed when I was hospitalised was, not many nurses and doctors are familiar with how to communicate with deaf patients. I appreciate those who took the initiative to write and use gestures so that we can understand.

Writing has always been my passion but writing has also become my mode of communication now. 🙂